Any oils that should not be taken internally???

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Any oils that should not be taken internally???

Postby rachael » Fri Mar 30, 2007 4:56 pm

Hi Guys
Do you think out of the main oils/ blends that there are any that should not be taken internally like eucalyptus or clove or R.C? Or any other important ones? So Karen, you take thievs internally do you? I may try that myself. Do you think it may be good for mum too?
Thank you lots love Rachael xxx

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oils not to take internally

Postby toosusiecook » Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:34 am

Hi Rachel,
I've been advised (and it may be in the EODR) never to take NEROLI and JASMINE internally. These oils are not distilled, chemicals are used to process them. And look for GRAS-generally regarded as safe ... Valor also can NOT be ingested. I've been told that if you look at the labels of the bottles you will notice a white supplemental food label on any YL oil that can be ingested. Any label that does not have this is
not safe to ingest. (rule of thumb with YL labels) to be honest, I've really never looked because I know that the oils I'm taking internally have been taken internally by my upline and others so I have no doubts.

That being said, I personally have taken many YL oils internally with fabulous success, especially for bronchitis type issues.....00 caps with RC, Thieves, Raven, Lemon, Frankincense, problems at may want to add a little olive oil to prevent stomach upset. I've taken peppermint and/or Di-Gize for upset stomach that wasn't related to taking the capsules....just an upset stomach for whatever reason...When my girlfriend was having what we thought was an allergic reaction to pistachios she took a couple drops of Purification under her tongue and on throat and she was fine with all allergic symptoms gone within 10 minutes or so. Thieves I take orally almost every day, a drop or two on tongue before heading to school. Lavender I've taken in a capsule before too......For sore throats we always do a drop of Melrose, Thieves and lemon and a teaspoon with honey......for coughs RC, Raven (few drops of each) with honey and let slowly drizzle down throat while also coating outside throat with RC.......Clove I've taken internally too only because I love, love love clove.

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Postby karen » Mon Apr 02, 2007 6:52 pm

Such great news about your Mum Rachael.
Yes, I have taken Thieves internally but do not do it regularly. Your Mum may not need the Thieves if you are doing lots of other oils, however a little course of that won't hurt.
At the moment I am taking 10 drops of grapefruit (in Ningxia Red) simply because summer is coming and I think the body may need some help to get rid of a little cellulite!!! I am not sure if it will work, but am giving it a good try.
Check the Young Living Websites about oils that you can take internally.
They refer to them as GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

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Postby siusaidh mcdonald » Sun Apr 29, 2007 4:48 pm

I think, that there are quite a few oils [Thieves,Oregano, Thyme,Basil,Peppermint,Frankincense ,Orange,Di-gize,G.L.F. etc...just to name a few] who don't have those white labels on them, but are quite safe to take internally.
Any of the citrus oils are quite safe to take with/in water and make water taste great as well.
I also found adding Thieves and a citrus oil to food makes it taste nicer.
Thyme and Basil into gravy is also nice.
For a bad cold I found that using Thyme, Oregano and Clove in a OO veg. caps. really helped.
When I've been rather busy and get to tired, I found using Longevity in water [about 2 drops per 2literof water over a day] really helped.
Peppermint is wonderful to put into a flask with warm /hot water as a refreshing hot drink [even my 5 year old really enjoyed it].

It's great to hear that your mum is improving, Rachel....can't see that Thieves would do any harm for your mum to take to give her immune system a boost.
Clove and Longevity would be a great help to the immune system as well, as they are both very high on antioxidants.

Young Living are having a leaflet "Scents & Scentsability", which has got a page in it 'oils safe for ingestion'....some surprises there....Susie,Jasmine is included there, but no Thieves [even so I 've taken it for a while [so has my 5 year old] and many others I know taken it....but perhaps it's a little out of date...perhaps something to try to find out on 12/5.....[?]
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