Broken and fractured bones and Young Living essential oils

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Broken and fractured bones and Young Living essential oils

Postby karen » Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:00 am

Dear everyone,
I just received the following by email - a collection of testimonials about broken bones which I thought was worth passing on. I hope you don't have to use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if you do there is a huge selection of oils that has worked for others, so in an emergency it is possible that you might have something from the selection below to get started on if you do not have them to hand. Not much use having the information after the horse has bolted, so thought before someone needs this info we will get it available through the search engine.

Here is some great info on broken bones. I broke a rib and man
that is painful as any broken bone can be. Anyway I used BLM
MegaCal, and topically PanAway, Idaho Balsam Fir, lemongrass,
helichrysum, and NeuroGen. My rib healed in 3 weeks instead of
eight weeks when I broke the first rib. That happened before the

Just wanted to share something really neat. About 2 weeks ago I broke my
tibia and fibula pretty bad. The fibula was in bits and need 8 screws and 1
plate to put it back together and the tibia was displaced and needed one
screw to hold it together. The neat thing was when I went into the doctor
almost 24 hours later the swelling was so minimal that they didn't have to
wait the typical 10 days to do surgery. And then about 2 weeks later the
swelling still was quite minimal for the trauma that they were able to hard
cast it with no problem. The doctor's were quite amazed at the lack of
swelling. I think between the lack of swelling and the amount of damage was
the reason why at least a minimum of 2 doctors always came to check out my
leg. Too funny. You may ask what I attribute this lack to swelling to.
The night of the injury I put Lavender, Lemongrass and Ortho Ease or Sport -
can't remember which I have on it. The next morning I again put on
Lemongrass and Ortho Ease and continued to do this regime with occasional
Lavender. So the oils are pretty cool.

Subject: Bone Regeneration

In the EODR there is a recipe for bone regeneration. I mixed some of this
up in an empty Lemongrass bottle (since that's one of the oils you use) and
used it for about 2 weeks on a stress fracture in the lumbar area of my
spine. It healed it immediately and I had been in extreme pain (pain that
even a RDT couldn't help) from it for many years. I used Recipe 1.

From the EODR:

Recipe 1: 8 drops Helichrysum, 4 drops Clove, 2 drops Lemongrass, 12 drops
Wintergreen/Birch and 6 drops Pine

Recipe 2: 10 drops Wintergreen/Birch, 8 drops Marjoram, 4 drops Cypress, 2
drops Peppermint and 1 drop Basil

Mix in ? ounce of V-6 Mixing Oil or Massage Oil Base. For me I applied
neet, but I don't have tender, toxic skin. These are just in case you don't
have the EODR.

I found this bone regeneration recipe sent in by a lady. This
ought to make up a huge bottle of oil that would last a long time.

Recipe 1: 8 drops Helichrysum, 4 drops Clove, 2 drops Lemongrass, 12 drops
Wintergreen and 6 drops Pine.

Mix with a carrier oil, diluted very much for a wee one (5-1). I'd rub in
all over his body, arms, legs, and spine every where. Also Cedarwood,
Vetiver, Brain Power will help improve his mental condition. Of course RC
and Raven for his lungs. I wonder what a small amount say 1/4 teaspoon (2
or 3 times daily) of Power Meal would do for the rest of his system?

Hi there

I broke my finger and I used Basil, Wintergreen and Ortho Ease. I hope that
this helps.

Sulfurzyme! In the archives, I once located super information on this
product that someone graciously took the time to post (long one). There are
several testimonials on its usage in the archives, one was about knees.
Also, Coral Sea should be considered. I myself am taking it faithfully to
build bone in my spine and hip since the results of my bone density test in
March this year. Remember too the importance of adequate water as the
cushioning will be lost in joints when the body has to essentially rob it to
compensate for dehydration! Dem bones, dem bones,

Blend for Broken Bones - to help speed the bone mending process use 10 drops
Wintergreen/Birch, 3 drops Helichrysum, 2 drops Lemongrass, 3 drops Pine, 4
drops Ginger and 4 drops Vetiver

For bone -Idaho Balsam Fir, Vetiver, Peppermint and Juniper topically for
pain. In a capsule equal parts Wintergreen and Vetiver. And add MegaCal
and BLM in water or juice

On 1/26/05 I fractured my right ankle in a fall at work. To make a very
long story short, I did not use any drugs, only YL oils and supplements and
was back to work in three weeks, using only one crutch as a support for one
week and back to my yoga practice in one month. The oils I initially used
were PanAway, Idaho Balsam, Lemongrass and Peppermint, every day at least 3
times day for the pain and inflammation.

Once I was walking comfortably, I then rotated Lemongrass every day with
Lavender and Marjoram for support and healing of the ligaments and tendons.
At this point I added NeuroGen figuring that there the nerves has also been
compromised. The NeuroGen felt wonderful, was immediately cooling, you
could just feel it working. From the beginning I was drinking BYJ, taking
BLM and Sulfurzyme daily according to the label directions.

I have had total healing and only occasionally get a slight twinge of
discomfort probably from overdoing. The orthopedic surgeon was not in the
least impressed with the oils and told me that it would take at least 8
weeks for a total healing. I knew that I would prove him wrong. He did
though prescribe physical therapy, which did help with restoring
flexibility. I brought my oils and NeuroGen with me to the therapists, both
of whom found the oils amazing. I was told on my last day of therapy that I
was the first person they had ever seen in their center to heal so quickly
from this kind of injury. I owe it all the YL oils and Gary Young. I would
not hesitate to use the supplements. And since I am several years older
than you, I can safely say that the healing has been amazing. It would be
difficult to say what worked best for me. I believe it was the combination
of oils and supplements that I chose that worked best for me
synergistically. Good luck

Just over two years go I broke my left pinky and had severe internal bruises
in the adjoining ring finger. My hand, may the Lord be praised, was put in
a half-plaster. Now, I was so desperate to get oils onto the broken bone
because I knew the wonders of Cypress, followed by Wintergreen, followed by
PanAway on the bone. Before I continue, here's a disclaimer: Do Not Try
This At Home! After the third day as my panic subsided and I got
comfortable with the half-plaster I realized I could slide it off (this is
why I called myself lucky, earlier on, that it wasn't a full plaster). So
three times a day I would carefully slide off the plaster, apply the three
above mentioned oils and after the usual six weeks the doctor decided my
hand had healed. I continued with the treatment for another month or a
little more.

I thought I did great till I met a friend and realized just how great! Now,
this friend had around the same time broken the same little finger. But, as
I held my hand up my fingers were all aligned and completely normal (the
only little difference was when I closed my fingers into a fist, the knuckle
of the little finger stuck out a little and was not aligned) and my friend's
little finger, as she held up her palm bent forward at least 45 degrees.
Her doctor told her it was because of scar tissue and if she wanted he could
perform surgery to remove the scar tissue.

So gang, what do you all say but Hoooooray! to our oils? And by the way, as
I make a fist now all my fingers are perfectly aligned! Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Coral Calcium, BLM, Power Meal and NingXia Red would be my choices. I would
also do gentle RDT without the leg pull or neck stretch. I would
incorporate Regenolone and NeuroGen into the massage part and include
PanAway, Idaho Balsam, Vetiver and Valerian into the RDT. Putting a couple
drops of Trauma Life on a tissue under the face cradle of the massage table
is wonderful as well. I would also stay far, far away from caffeine, drink
high quality water and make sure I have a filter on my showerhead. I
wouldn't want certain chemicals getting into my system.

Hope this is food for thought

I broke my dominant arm near the wrist in 2001. I know one reason it healed
as soon as it did was all the oils we used. My experience with NeuroGen was
the first time I used it - pushing it under the edge of the cast near the
wrist. In about 5 minutes, I had what felt like electric shocks in my
forearm. My first reaction was "Oh, no, what's happening!" Then on
reflection, I decided it was like nerves being reawakened/reconnected/etc.
and it was a good thing. I don't remember more "shocks" with later
applications but I continued to use it, assuming it was doing something

When I fractured my leg last year, Kathie suggested I put sea salt and lots
of Peppermint Oil in the lavatory with cold water. Place a face towel in
the basin and stir until salt dissolves and with the lower leg elevated
higher than the head, place the cold compress on the swelling for a minimum
of 30 minutes. Repeat. Worked for me!


I fractured my big toe last year into four pieces. I found relief from
pouring Spruce and Idaho Balsam Fir on them without diluting. It was about
two weeks start to finish and I could walk without any pain. Good luck!


Four weeks ago my 22 year old son called and could hardly walk and said his
foot had been hurting for weeks. He is in the construction trade. He went
to the emergency room and they told him that he had a fracture at least a
month old. The orthopedic specialist wishes to rebreak his foot. He called
and I ordered him Wintergreen, Spruce and Helichrysum. My son has been
putting this on twice a day and went back to work three days after the
specialist told him he wanted to rebreak the foot. He says it still hurts
but not nearly as bad and he has no problems walking on it today.
Wintergreen may stimulate natural cortisone production of the body and may
regenerate bones. Peace and Abundance,

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