Frankincense for Glaucoma

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Frankincense for Glaucoma

Postby karen » Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:45 am

I received the following account about glaucoma from Frances Fuller which I am sure will be of interest to those wanting to try a natural approach.

Glaucoma: “Silent Thief of Sight”
Frances Fuller
8 August 2007

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the United States – and the leading cause of blindness in most of the world today. What is it that makes glaucoma such a potential danger to our ability to enjoy normal eyesight? Often there are no symptoms associated until the damage is done.

So what is glaucoma? Simply put, it is an abnormal amount of pressure In the eye. We have pressure within our veins which we call “blood pressure”. The pressure within our eyes is called inter-ocular pressure which is sometimes represented by the acronym IOP. The healthy range for this inter-ocular pressure is 10-21 and can be determined by eye-care professionals, who use the “puff-test” during an eye examination. (An instrument called an appalanation tanometer is placed against the eye to determine the amount of resistance as a “puff” of air is blown into the open eye.) If the “puff-test” indicates abnormal pressure, then the eye-care professions would likely test for damage to the optic nerve.

We all have “blood pressure” and we all have “inter-ocular pressure”. When the pressure in our veins is above the normal range, it is called hypertension. Similarly, when the pressure in the eye is above the normal range, it is called ocular hypertension. Ocular-hypertension is causes damage to the optic nerve that can result in loss of peripheral vision. Untreated, it can ultimately cause blindness.

Glaucoma is a progressive disease in which the increased pressure in the eyes damages the optic nerve. Usually there is no pain associated, although with certain types of glaucoma there could be headaches, blurred vision, “haloes” around lights, etc. Obviously, it makes sense to have your eyes checked by a professional BEFORE the damage which causes the symptoms occurs.

The normal treatment for glaucoma is to use one or more types of eye drops several times a day. These drops do contain a number of chemicals, and chemicals do affect the entire body – not just the eyes.

I received an amazing account of one woman’s recent experience in the US. She was diagnosed with glaucoma during a routine eye examination. She then was tested by three additional specialists. The diagnosis was the same: glaucoma. This woman had read that FRANKINCENSE essential oil is often associated with improved vision, so she decided to try it in lieu of the chemical drops.
Morning and evening:
1-2 drops of FRANKINCENSE essential oil in palm dropped from the bottle
Rub palms together
Cup palms over OPEN EYES for three minutes (or more)

When she returned for a follow-up eye examination after six weeks, the pressure in her eyes was NORMAL, and there was no sign whatever of any optic nerve damage!

If there is any solvent used in the distillation, the molecules could burn the eyes, causing extensive damage.

Young Living Essential Oils FRANKINCENSE is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for internal consumption. Therefore, it is free of solvents and other additives.

The pressure in my eyes has never been tested to be above the normal range. However, I am currently 64-years-old, and I have worn one contact lens for reading since 1990. I have been using frankincense essential oils around my eyes (on the cheek bone and on the brow bone) once or twice a day for over five years. Not only has my prescription not increased in the past 17+ years, I have now found that I can often read quite well without the lens at all.

During the past week, I have been using the method described by the woman from the US. There is a slight tingling sensation as the molecules of the essential oil diffuse into the eyes. Occasionally, I can feel additional moisture or tears. However, there is no discomfort associated. While my palms are cupped over my eyes, I look to the left and right and then up and down, moving my eyes slowly.

I will have an eye examination done in a few months and report on the results.

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siusaidh mcdonald
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Postby siusaidh mcdonald » Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:22 pm

That's great information,Karen.....thanks for posting it.

Both my parents had glaucoma, so it is something, I 'm aware of I may could inherit, so it is good to know, how well using Frankincense helps.
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