Thieves toothpaste...

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Thieves toothpaste...

Postby siusaidh mcdonald » Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:10 pm

This wonderful information was shared with me by Karen,who has had a very busy time in the past year.
I felt, it would be nice to share with others, as some of the information was new to me as well.
Many thanks for passing this information on,Karen.


Artemis writes: This is a most amazing story – long, but well worth the read……especially the bit on depression! It was sent to me by Valerie Hopkins (thanks Valerie!). I’ve been wondering how the economic “crunch” will affect the sales of our oils in Australia. And when I read that this lady saved herself US$3200 in dental bills by using a tube of toothpaste worth $10.25, and Melrose oil at $25, it really starts to make sense that what we invest in these beautiful, organic oils and non-toxic personal care products is not an expense so much as an investment in our own preventative health care. I remind you that with just over $100 worth of oils, I helped to save the life of the horse Star, and help him avoid a $4000 to $7000 operation (ask me to resend that testimonial if you didn’t get it). So if anyone tells you these oils are “too expensive”, you have to question their logic. They are a lot cheaper than the medical alternatives. This is Norma’s story about her experience of a ‘miracle’ regarding her teeth when using Young Living’s essential oils (YLEO’s).

Norma says she had always been to the dentist and had her teeth cleaned every 6 months. She didn’t have that many cavities, but she had a few, and they were mercury fillings. So 1995/1996 she’d had these replaced. When she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1999/2000, she had to find a new dentist, but was too busy to do this immediately. When she eventually did so, a few years later, she had her teeth cleaned, and had a full x-ray, which showed that she had 6 or 7 cavities, plus a root canal needing doing. Because of recurring lung problems and the constant coughing, she again kept putting off the dental work. When the lung problem and the coughing were eventually cleared up, she still didn’t get to having the dental work done.

Meantime, around Mar 07, when Tom gave his presentation on YLEO’s, he started talking about the Melrose Oil, and how that regenerated teeth. So Norma started using Melrose, and around that time also started using the YLEO Dentarome Plus toothpaste. She was also flossing every day and feeling pretty good about it all. Then, after a fall several months later (which affected her jaw), Norma decide to see an orthodontist/dentist. This was Sep 07, and she had been using the Melrose and Dentarome Toothpaste for 4 or 5 months. The new dentist takes full xrays again – it is now over a year since the other xrays were taken showing 6 or 7 cavities – and this xray showed only 2 cavities to be fixed. He also fitted her with an orthodontic brace for her lower teeth to realign her jaw and consequently her spine.

Two months later, during an appointment (and after the dentist had put in the anaesthetic, he discovered that the 2 cavities had disappeared!) He was most apologetic, but Norma had already noticed that he had YLEO toothpaste in the waiting room, so she talked about what she was doing…..and now the dentist is a customer of hers! Norma has now investigated and found that there is a lot of literature showing that YL’s Thieves Toothpaste, Dentarome Plus, regenerates teeth.

Norma feels that this regime may even be regenerating the tooth needing the root canal, and hopes that that may also not need doing. She is no longer feeling the sensitivity that she used to feel in that tooth. Also, the orthodontic brace that had been put on her lower teeth had chipped 5 of her teeth – two of them quite a bit and also three of the others. This was about Jan 08. Two of them were really deep and she could feel them with her tongue, and in the 2 months since, two have disappeared and the third is almost gone, and the two deeper ones are still being worked upon with the Thieves Dentarome Plus Toothpaste and the Melrose.

In the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, it says people have regenerated their teeth in as little as 4 months by brushing their teeth with Thieves. To brush teeth with Thieves, put a drop on your toothbrush if you can handle it straight. Dentarome/Dentarome Plus/Dentarome Ultra toothpastes contain Thieves, as does Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash and Kidscents Toothpaste.

Norma also noticed that that her teeth were a little softer and the fact that they chipped so easily suggested a calcium deficiency, even thought the tests she had were only borderline, so she started taking more of the YL MegaCal (not available in Australia). She also used Acceptance oil and was guided to use Endoflex and Thyromin (Thyromin is not available in Australia) for the thyroid. Note that a calcium deficiency can also be a cause of depression. The Reference Guide for Essential Oils suggests staying away from carbonated soft drinks, especially cola drinks, which are high in phosphorus, as they leach calcium from the body. And eating heavy protein at night does not give the body enough time to digest the food before going to sleep, and the undigested food then ferments, which robs the system of needed oxygen, which heightens the sense of depression.

Norma said “I just wanted to share these things with you because they worked. I worked my way through them, and I am so much the better for them, and I really give the YL products credit. They not only saved me the $3200 and all of that dental work that I would have had done, but I have my own teeth and I don’t have more amalgams and chemicals in my mouth, drilled into them.

Additional comment from Artemis: Norma shares about Dentarome Plus toothpaste. I use this…..but not for my teeth. I use it for my underarms (half a little fingernail’s worth under each arm….if you use too much, the peppermint in it will feel like it’s biting you for 10 mins!). Noel and I introduced this toothpaste to a bunch of farmers in Wagga Wagga, and they swear by it for it’s ability to keep them smelling as fresh as a daisy all day (chuckle). A couple of years ago, Young Living released a new toothpaste in their range, called Dentarome ultra (and that’s what I’ve switched to for my teeth). It has a smaller particle size than Dentarome plus, so it’s less abrasive on the teeth. It still contains Thieves oil. It has enzymes in it for naturally whitening the teeth. And it contains a substance that causes the toothpaste to stick to the gums for longer, thus enhancing its antibacterial action. It also tastes milder, so is enjoyed by more people. I love it, and would assume it would have the same positive effects on the teeth that Dentarome Plus has. However, because of it’s stickiness, it’s less suitable as an underarm deodorant (too sticky to apply).
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